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Allen Sports Bike Trailer Review: How Good Is the 2-Child Deluxe?

The Allen Sports Child Trailer is an excellent choice for many people. Remember that this one is more versatile than many of the alternatives. It can be used with or without a bicycle. If you prefer running instead of biking, you’ll want to take advantage of this trailer. It’ll allow you to transport your children without using a bike. And, you can continue running without any trouble.

If you intend to ride a bike, you’ll be happy to know that this one features a universal coupler. Therefore, it will connect with most bicycles without any issues.

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Two In 2

First and foremost, you should know that the Allen Sports Child Trailer can be used in two ways. It comes with a universal coupler so it can be connected to your bicycle quickly and conveniently. This allows you to pull the trailer behind your bike. Alternatively, you can use it as a jogger. If you prefer running, you can grab the handle and push. This is a good way to increase the intensity of your exercise and take your children with you.

Either way, this trailer is more versatile than the others because it can be used in two ways.


One Child Only

It should be noted that this trailer is suitable for one child. So, you cannot use it for twins or two children. Simultaneously, you should know that it can only accommodate a maximum of 50 pounds. While this is restrictive, it is good that it can support 50 pounds. So, it can support children if various ages. If you’re a father or mother of one child, this trailer is a good choice for you. And, you’ll appreciate the rugged steel construction. You know it is going to last a lifetime.


Lifetime Warranty

This child bike trailer is protected by a lifetime warranty. As long as you buy it from the company, you’ll be protected for life. This means that you can remedy problems without paying out of pocket. If something goes wrong, you should get in touch with the company immediately. They’ll fix the problem as quickly as possible. However, most people won’t have any issues with it. It folds so you can store it away conveniently and it works great for the intended purpose.

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Lightweight Design

For petite parents who want to take their small children on a stroll around the block, the Allen Sports Deluxe Trailer is the key. The trailer weighs approximately 34 pounds but is strong enough to hold two small children, weighing no more than 100 pounds. The lightweight design will allow you to propel around corners, over rough terrain, and up hills easier than heavier designs.


5-Point Safety Harness

The trailer is equipped with a 5-point safety harness. This harness is topnotch and highly recommended by children’s safety organizations. The harness is designed to deliver comfort with a high level of safety during minor impact. You can count on the harness to keep your children secure at all times. Since the design is childproof, it will take a genuine child to unlock the security mechanism.


Easy Storage

Once you are through riding for the day, you can easily store the trailer in the trunk of your car. Just fold it up and be on your way in minutes. The foldable design will come in handy for home storage as well.

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Overall Assessment

The Allen Sports Deluxe Child Trailer is satisfactory in many areas. Just remember that it only works with one child. There is a 2-child model but you’ll likely need to pay more. Nevertheless, this one will satisfy a lot of consumers.

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